Increase productivity


With Smart SAT-ZONEPICKING you avoid unproductive steps in your order picking process. This not only leads to at least 40% cost savings, but also to less risk of work-related injuries and less risk of damage to goods.

SAT-ZONEPICKING combines all the advantages of SAT with those of a smart AGV and prevents time-consuming activities such as searching, stepping on and off, picking up and delivering pallets or driving around. The time saved translates into higher productivity, which leads to lower operational costs.

Your operational costs are reduced by having your order pickers and AGVs work together. Wherever an order picker picks up a case, the correct AGV / pallet is always ready. Order pickers work in specific zones. Each order picker only picks up those cases in its zone, the AGVs drive the shortest distances based on the smartest route.

The advantages at a glance

  • All benefits of SAT incl
  • Do more with fewer people (save time)
  • Less sick leave and liability
  • Adds value every step of the way your order picker takes
  • Improved safety and quality
  • Increase productivity during order picking
  • Can be deployed in your existing warehouse
  • Scalable and guaranteed ROI within 12-24 months