The specialists in Optimized orderpicking

Hidden costs in the warehouse are a recognized aspect of the manual order picking process. It is estimated that about 55% of the total operating costs in a warehouse are related to manual order picking. In addition, mispicks, restacking, searching and physical handling such as lifting, stepping on and off and walking are responsible for 50% of the total order picking costs. The other 50% of the order picking costs are related to driving around the warehouse.

SAT technologies sees ROBOGISTICS (Robots in Logistics) as a new, emerging and important market with many growth opportunities. However, humans are a link which cannot be replaced quickly, certainly not in an environment where flexibility and spatial insight are required. Order picking of cases is such a process where robotisation is not applicable for the time being. On the other hand, people can be given a helping hand and our Stack Assist Tool comes in very handy. This technique supports the difficult operations in the warehouse with smart software.

Stack Assist Tool stems from the experiences we have gained in the global material handling market over the past 15 years. For this market we have developed intelligent mixed palletizing software and efficient mixed palletizing systems. Similar smart software also used at SAT technologies to optimize stacking and display the result, box by box, on the pallet by means of a laser. With the Stack Assist Tool, anyone can quickly stack the most stable pallet, without errors and training.

Each application has a high priority and is handled with the highest dedication, creativity and passion.

The core of our corporate philosophy can be summed up in one word: Collaboration. Every customer and every project requires a different approach, but the common thread is always a successful collaboration. We believe in working closely with you to develop a unified solution that sets you apart from your competitors and has a major impact on optimizing your logistics processes.